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Tuscan charm


A breath between history and nature

The apartments in the Ginori Castle at Querceto were renovated with a view to preserving the warm and welcoming style of old country houses. The most distinctive feature of this charming village is its authenticity, noticeable in every detail: the stones of the old houses, the smile of the inhabitants, the small town squares, the untouched natural surroundings ...

It is almost as though time had stood still in this fascinating hilltop village, far removed from the fast pace of modern life. It is a world of forgotten sounds and smells, of breathtaking views and sunsets.

Long-term rental

In the hamlet of Castello Ginori di Querceto we rent two flats for long periods both for those looking for a quiet place where they can work away from the chaos and frenzy of the of the cities, and for those who want to spend their weekends or holidays in an oasis of peace surrounded by unspoilt nature.



Taste and Tradition

Guests can order lunch or dinner at home and those who want to enjoy uncontaminated nature can order a pic-nic basket prepared especially for them with taste and tradition, and with the estate wine of course, to be enjoyed in the silence of the woods or in the glory of the vineyards.


In rhythm with nature in a world well-made

A swimming pool immersed in the midst of ancient olive trees, a visit to the wine cellars of Marchesi Ginori Lisci, sensorial tasting experiences, walks immersed in nature. These are just a few of the many experiences Querceto  has to offer.

For those who love trekking, for those who each day want to set off and discover corners of Tuscany, well-known and unknown, near and remote, for who want to breathe to the rhythm of the woods and learn its secrets, for who love to feel envelopped in history…. for all Querceto offers unique and unforgettable experiences.




Free Wifi






​A walk through the vineyards with wine tasting of Marchesi Ginori Lisci wines 



​In every experience you will be accompanied by a professional expert local guide who knows the        specific experience 



Volterra, Bolgheri, Populonia and other hystorical places are close to Querceto

Un’esperienza fantastica


E' stata una fantastica esperienza, nella piccola Querceto nulla è lasciato al caso: l'accoglienza è calorosa, i servizi per gli ospiti perfetti e il panorama impagabile. Ci siamo goduti splendidi tramonti sulle vallate, cieli stellati, ottimo vino di produzione del Castello e avvistamenti di animali notturni. Querceto è speciale!

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