Yoga retreats at Querceto in Tuscany

Querceto’s authentic Yoga retreats & classes with senior Indian teachers

Since 2016, through the vision of the environmental activist and dedicated Yogi, Kim Bizzarri, Querceto has begun hosting a series of yoga retreats and yoga classes that reflect the Ginori Lisci family’s committment to authenticity.

Keen to distance himself from the commercial wave of Yoga retreats that have flooeded the holiday market, Kim’s retreat company, Healing in the Willows, has brought to Querceto a number of senior Yoga teachers from around the World to offer retreats that draw on the original purpose of Yoga, that is to lead people on a path of self-discovery, healing and a greater sense of purpose.

Amongst the most senior of these teachers is a Siddha Yogi, Boonath Sond, an Indian teacher operating in the line of a rare tantric form of healing. The practice, which embraces the Moon and the divine feminine as the vehicles through which participants are taken on a powerful inward journey, aim at exploring the subconscious Mind and enable participants to meet with their Shadow-Self in a perfectly safe and caring environment.

The rarity of this sacred practice has attracted people from all walks of life, including international music stars like Anoushka Shankar who was inspired by the retreat to write music for her latest Grammy-nominated album.

Practiced predominantly in the dark, with minimal candle-light, and with no predefined structure, the practice offers a profound experience and the reviews have defined it ‘life-changing’ and ‘unique’!

In 2018 Querceto will host another 7 retreats under the guidance of Boonath Sond, with some of the evenings open to the general public.

Kim Bizzarri will offer himself a number of yoga classes and sound baths in 2018.

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