Castello Ginori di Querceto, a living village

This quaint little village has not only accommodation facilities and is the centre of an important winery but most of all it is widely populated.
Here live together “old” inhabitants (quercetani), people living here since generations tied to their homes and this land, and “new” inhabitants, foreigners coming for a brief holiday and deciding then to settle here, or young people working in the region falling in love with this magic place.

As one of them has written to us: “Getting used to certain colours, certain scents, accustoming one’s ears to the deep silence and nature’s only sounds, feeling oneself all of a sudden propelled in a nearly surreal atmosphere and dimension, makes one depend upon this way of live and most of all changes one’s way of seeing the world. From here everything seems to have a different value”.

For this reason Querceto lives with the normal daily activities, village festivities, concerts and exhibitions, without ever losing sight of the most important element that is the respect for this place and its history never failing to maintain it’s pure authenticity.